The Blue News is an American indie rock band formed in 2006 by singer-songwriter and musician James Orndorff of Terre Haute, Indiana. Drummer and producer Dustin Richardson joined the band in 2008. The style of the band's music is influenced by the blues, classic rock, 90s rock and more. The band's unique brand of music fuses catchy guitar riffs, soulful vocals and hard-hitting drums - all coming together to create raw rock and roll energy. In reviews, the band's rock and roll sound has been compared to The Black Keys, Soundgarden, and even the legendary Led Zeppelin.

In 2007, two songs by the band were placed in the television series Road Trip Nation, giving the band their first national media exposure. Their first exposure was followed by several song placements for television, video games and film - including the Netflix series Bloodline and the video game Rebel Galaxy.

Songs by The Blue News reached over 1,000,000 streams in 2019 on Spotify and YouTube combined. The Blue News continues working on new music in the studio and collaborating with musicians in the studio. The band will self-release "Feel Alright" on Friday, March 4 2022. 

The band is...

  • James Orndorff (guitar, vocals) // Dustin Richardson (drummer, producer)
  • Thank you to the following musicians for playing on stage and in the studio: John Black (bass, guitar) // Brody Greif (bass, guitar) // Jeff Winchester (drums, percussion) // Bill Gregory (bass, guitar) // Neil Beatty (drums, percussion) // Jake McCullough (bass, guitar) // Patrick McDermott (guitar) // Reggie Raisner (guitar) // Travis Dillon (harmonica) // Eric Rasley (bass) // Raven Grant (backup vocals) // Clayton Page (bass) // Shawn Morgan (drums).

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