A new single titled "Afterglow (Remix)" is coming out on Friday, October 23. The song will be released by NONA featuring The Blue News. This song features musicians from two bands collaborating and it's the first virtual songwriting collaboration between musicians working in studios in two different states. The remix will be available on all major music platforms - such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music - starting Friday, October 23. The Blue News climbed to over 1 million plays in 2019 after licensing their songs for high-exposure placements including the Netflix series "Bloodline" and the video game "Rebel Galaxy".

Track title: Afterglow (Remix)
Artist: NONA featuring The Blue News
Songwriters (BMI):
Dustin Richardson (producer, drums and instrumentation)
James Orn (vocals, guitar and bass)
Jeff Winchester (drums)

Listen and Download here >

Recorded at Studio 2300 Nashville in Nashville, TN and The Break Room in Terre Haute, IN.
Mixed by Dustin Richardson and James Orn.
Released by Blame Records 10.23.2020.
© Copyright 2020. NONA (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

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