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Released in 2019, but still as fantastic today, The Blue News’ all acoustic record Naked is 100% worth your precious listen. Please read along with us as we break down their album, as well as provide a background on the band as well. 

Led by singer and songwriter James Orndorff, The Blue News have been continuously putting out memorable records since around 2006. Landing their first song on national TV in 2007, they’ve been licensing their tunes ever since. On this most recent record Naked, they’ve done a bit of a reimagining of their 2011 EP, Wartime Songs. 

While they’ve also put out a new single in 2021, we’ve just immediately fallen in love with Naked are going to focus in on that. Taking some of the hits off Wartime Songs and giving them the tender loving care that they deserve in an acoustic format was 100% the right call. Coming in at 7 total tracks, spanning just about 28 minutes in length, this was the perfect bite size type of record that could be turned on at any moment of the day. 

Now here’s the most difficult part of this review, there’s just no possible way we’d be able to isolate a single track and call it our favorite. Everything just flowed together so wonderfully, especially from the start on one of the main hits, “Stay Gone For Good”. A lovely introduction to the music of The Blue News that warms you up, invites you in, and gets you ready for a rustic and comfortable record. 

One of our immediate post-listen thoughts was just how well this record would translate into a live performance. Thankfully for us, and North America, The Blue News are in the process of rehearsing for an upcoming tour. If you needed more info on it, you can click here to read all about it, we know we will be. 

Instrumentally, lyrically, and tonally, the band have hit an out of the park home run. Everything about it was just so original and pure Americana. We sort of imagined it would make a great listen for a long road trip or a relaxing Sunday morning. Realistically though, you could get into this at any point of the day and it would hit just as hard. We highly recommend and suggest a listen as soon as you’re done reading. 

In fact, we’re just about done here. You can find all of the latest updates on The Blue News, listening links, and more by checking out the links below. 

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