Touch The Sun

The New Single From The Blue News


The Blue News is Brent Orndorff and Dustin Richardson.

They play rock n' roll.

Sometimes they play the blues.

Since 2006, they've released 48 songs. Several of their original songs have been heard in movies, television, video games and Netflix series. (Read more)

From 2016-2019 the band climbed to nearly 1 million plays on Spotify and YouTube.

You can find their songs anywhere streaming and downloads are available. Check out the Music page for more.

The band's most recent album Wartime Songs is available on CD from virtually all record stores.

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Latest Track

Touch The Sun (Single)

The Blue News

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The band is sharing the new 80s-inspired single "Touch The Sun" ahead of the official release on Friday 8/2/19.

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